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Träskafton (The Holiday of the Swamp) with Hägerstens Botaniska Trädgård

The psalm Bryt ihop (Break down) belongs to Träskets högtid. The lyrics (in Swedish) tells about healing and breathing.

The Rain ceremony is one of the rituals included in Träskets högtid.

Preparations: All participants paint an abundance of non-waterproof mascara on their eyelashes

Implementation: The Rain Ceremony participants go out in the rain and allow the rain to make them soaking wet. The mascara is running down everyone's cheeks. The participants read the ceremonial text together in chorus. Afterwards, they drink tea and warm themselves indoors. If it does not rain, bottles of water can be used instead.

We go out in the rain to embrace the weather
To experience what is not going to change.
To pay homage to the life-giving moisture, and to feel kinship.
To cry together, and because it helps.
To feel the rain outside and the life within.
To surrender to joy and to become completely wet.
To let the mascara run.
Run, run and run.