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newspaper, 16 pages, A3 format, 3500 ex

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Seaweedsbladet #1 is a local newspaper in Swedish and English that in September 2017 was distributed to all households in the residential area of Seved in Malmö, Sweden, where I currently live and work.

Seaweedsbladet #1 includes texts, drawings and photographs that all takes on Seved as "a place like any other"; an area surrounded by porous borders; a marine eco system and an Inner Ocean.

The Inner Ocean is a notion borrowed from Vetenskapens värld (The World of Science), a popular science programme broadcast on Swedish Television during the 90's. The notion refers to the liquid in the ovarium follicles, a cellular structure that surrounds maturing oocytes (egg cells) in all animals. The follicle liquid has the same salinity as the primeval sea once had – the sea where life arose.

The second issue of Seaweedsbladet will be released 2018 with Sebastian Dahlqvist as editor. Maria Westmar will make the third issue.

Seaweedsbladet was part of the exhibition The Inner Ocean at der TANK, Institut Kunst HGK FHNW, in Basel, June 3 – 22, 2017. Curated by Chus Martinez. Supported by The NA-fund.