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mixed media

a) Rekonstruktion av vegetation i Skåne för 200 miljoner år sedan, (Reconstruction of Vegetation in Southern Sweden 200 Million Years Ago), Wash drawing by Sven Ekblom, Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet, based on the scientific research by A. G. Nathorst, T. G. Halle and R. Florin, 1938-1940.

b) Gerrothor'rax rhae'ticus NILSSON, Fossil specimen B. 18 in the collection of zoological paleontology at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, probably a part of the abdominal ribs, covered in limestone.

c) Publication När de skånska stenkolen oro levande, Växt- och djurliv i nordvästra Skåne för 150 miljoner år sedan. en Nilsson, Tage; Höganäs, Tryckeribloaget,1946. An ink drawing of Bjuvstegocefalen by Sven Ekblom is found on p. 37.

d) A letter from the artist to be attached to a shipped package containing the sculptural costume Bjuvstegocefalen addressed to the Culture and Leisure Board of Bjuvs Municipality.